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Special Size Sugar Sucrose – Best Used For Decorating Baked Products

Posted by Admin on April, 30, 2019

Sugar has been part of human diets for about hundreds of years now. It is the generic name for soluble carbohydrates or sweet-tasting. Sugar is used in cooking food it works to provide energy for the functioning of the body. One of the most common types of sugar found in the body is glucose which organs and muscles require to function properly. Some sugars are derived or found naturally in vegetables and fruits while others are derived and used during cooking or by processing. The simple type of sugar is known as monosaccharides which include glucose, galactose, and fructose. Granulated sugar or table sugar refers to sucrose.

What’s so special about special size sugar?

As the name itself can tell, special size sugar has much larger crystals than the regular white sugar. The larger size of the crystals makes the sugar stronger and highly resistant to heat. This type of sugar helps give baked goods or candy a lovely texture.

This type of coarse sugar is used mainly for decorating and comes in a range of colors. Hence, for this reason, it is sometimes called decorating sugar.

Types of sugar:



The most common form of sugars is:

Sucrose- it is one of the most popular kinds of sugar is often known as table sugar. Sucrose is created from fructose and glucose; it is derived from sugar beet or sugar cane.

Glucose and Fructose- is found naturally present in vegetables, fruits, and honey.

Lactose- it is commonly known as milk sugar as it is found in dairy products.

Maltose- is found in beer and malted drinks.

Sugar found in kitchen cupboard:

Granulated sugar- used in daily cooking items.

Caster sugar- this type of sugar is finer than the granulated sugar. It is perfect for baking cakes.

Demerara- is brown sugar. It has a coarse texture which is best for crumble toppings.

Icing sugar- they are used as a dressing on desserts and cakes or for preparing butter icing.

Muscovado sugar- they are generally used for making gingerbread.

Light brown sugar- used in baking puddings and cakes.

Among all varieties of sugar, sucrose is high in demand as it is a common sugar. Sucrose is produced for human consumption and it is extracted and after that refined from sugar beet or sugar cane. Fructose and glucose are two main compounds which form sucrose. With growing demand in the market and due to excessive consumption there are many special size sugar manufacturers who deal in different sizes of sugar. You can customize the size of sucrose. These reputed manufacturers also deal in other superior range of sugar. You place an order online on their sites.

How to look for the best sucrose exporter in Maharashtra?

Numerous suppliers offer high quality and wide range of sugars. Here are the qualities you must look into.

Provides finest-quality sucrose procured from trusted vendors

Ensures hygiene test approved sucrose

Provides free samples

On-time delivery

Ships worldwide

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